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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally!!!... Maybe

Hey people!!!
As the what the title of this posting denotes, I'm finally done and over with for my exams for this semester.
And nope, I usually do not comment on how the exam was.
No point in doing so anyway, haha.

Anyway, I will still be stuck in Penang until this Sunday.
All thanks to the leadership camp organised by my Desasiswa (that's what we call our hostel here).
The camp will be tomorrow. And we'll be going to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang.
All along I was imagining about something like a holiday hideaway in the peaceful forests of Penang.
All dreams and hopes were crushed when I found out that, among all other things scheduled for our three day outing, are the LDKs (latihan dalam kumpulan).
Well, it's not to say that the games played are lame or what...
But it's just that I've been to quite a number of camps, and the games are kinda repetitive. So it kinda explains why I'm not THAT excited about this camp.

And to top it off, apparently that place is renowned to be a spawning pool of mosquitoes.
There's no other way to be more in touch with nature than to sacrifice your blood to its residents.
Haha, sounds kinda grim there.
Will update you guys more about it when I return from the camp later on.

On another note, there's just so much I want to write about the current matters that's taking place around us.
But I guess that just have to be done on another day.
Gotta start packing up my things for now.
Can't wait to get back to Klang this Sunday and be with my lovely wife.

On a different note, how come you guys don't come to Penang to visit me one???
Just tell me if you're coming and I'll be more than glad to take you around.
Well, guess this is all. Gotta start packing.