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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Way Overdue Tag

As what which has been wanted by popular demand, yours truly is back at the keyboard again.
To clear some old debts, I was tagged by Esther.... 3 months ago... Haha...
Sorry Esther...
So here you go...

3 hobbies
*Listening to the latest music
*Reading (Comics, mags, newspapers)
*Gaming (Which by the way, is currently in need of funding for the PS3)

3 things on my to-do list
*Coordinate Projek Mahasiswa Turun Sekolah
*Study Technology Electric
*Finish my presentation for BM Oral Exam

3 unique traits
*Inherited the art of acupressure (3rd generation practitioner)
*Plays the harmonica
*Warped sense of direction

3 favourite drinks
*Vodka (shaken or stirred)
*Whiskey (cooling!)
*Brandy (looks like Chinese tea hor?)

3 passions
*Talking/Socialising/Verbal Jousting/Cursing

3 awesome movies
*Lord Of The Rings
*Thank You For Smoking
*Lord Of War

3 good bands
*And the all time favourite, Bee Gees

3 things I am anal about
*the books that I purchase MUST be in prefect condition
*Malaysia's Government system

3 random guys
*Samuel Chan (the charmer)
*Liau Han Wei (the thinker)
*Joshua Hoh (the listener)

3 bad habits
*addicted to anime
*loves to procastinate

3 painful experiences
*departure of first and favourite pet hamster
*fell down from staircase, got 5 stitches just above the eye
*no longer a teenager... hahaha

3 treasured moments
*got that special someone to share my life with
*when I opened the blue carton which says "PS2"
*being alive and enjoying it

3 goals before 30
*driving a Honda Accord
*living in a mansion
*money flowing in like waterfall...

3 favourite desserts
*ice kacang
*lai chee kang

Due to the popularity of this survey(?), there are too many people who has been tagged...
Not many left for me edi...
Oh ya, can anyone tell me what does V.S.O.P stand for?
I kinda forgot...