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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In the land of knowledge

Hey People!!!
Been quite some time since I last blogged edi...
We've been provided with LAN services which enables us to go online in our dorm. But as you might've guessed, the connection is damn freaking slow. Not to mention the fact that I could not access blogspot from there. Which explains my disappearance from my blog page for so long.

Well, here I am.
In USM Penang. As the date states, I've been here for about one month and a week.
After very much searching and searching and searching...
I've discovered something rather surprising...
I'm the ONLY Starian who has been admitted during the first intake!!!

Oh ya, for those of you who doesn't know, USM is divided into three campuses (is this how you spell the plural form of 'campus'?)
Firstly there's USM's Main Campus, located in Penang Island. Only a bus away from Gurney Drive where the hustle and bustle is.
Then there's USM's Medical Campus, situated somewhere in Kelantan, or is it Kedah?
Was never good with Geography. Ha ha...
And finally there's USM's Engineering campus.
Located in some God-forsaken town, surrounded by fowl farms (erm.. places where chicken are bred and butchered) called Parit Buntar.
The best shopping experience that you could get here?
Billion Supermarket and Minat Supermarket.
The excitement!The thrill! The ecstasy of shopping in a supermarket no bigger than 3 or 4 shoplots...
Damn it sucks... Haha...
As for the town, it's quite small. Not much that you could do there.
I've been there for like 3 times. Luckily, the people from Pizza Hut and KFC has the heart to console us poor souls by having their branches in this town.

Enough about the town.
There's so much that has happened since the first day I set foot in the campus.
Like I mentioned earlier, there's only ONE Starian this year amongf the Year 1 Engineering students.
As for last year, there were 6 of them.
Namely Wei Loon, Kiat Moon, Chai Yan and three others who I have not met yet...
Haha... Cannot blame me.. I'm a busy man you know... Haha...
By the way, update for you guys, Kiat Moon and Wei Loon have been dating for the last 1 year edi...
As 3 weeks passed, I was surprised by a friendly pat on the shoulder.
Lunesh (6AS1, the guy who wears pants so tight that you actually sympathise his crotch), joined the campus on the second intake.
And then there were two. Haha...

Like all other Universities, there is a meenagerie of people here.
Oh ya, I'm currently in the Material Engineering course, a course under the School Of Material And Mineral Resources.
In the old days, 6AS4 has been infamous for its students. To name a few, me, Sam, Liau, Jia Yao, Kin Wai, Wai Loon, Hao Shen, Chung Kiap, Horng Tat, Esther and many more.
All known for our brains which never seem to function properly.
Hidup 6AS4!!! Hahaha... Ok ok, maybe it's not THAT long ago.

Over here in Material school , or as we like to call it, Bahan school, it feels like I've never left STAR at all. It has only been about 1 week plus into Uni life and we have been labelled as "Sekolah Dengan Pelajar Yang Otak Tak Center". Majorly due to yours truly.
And nutty we were, and accept that award we would.
Haha... Albeit that, I have to admit that it is not as "siau" as it was back then.
It's a bit more tuned down here.
Well, have to leave for now. Tutorial in about half an hour's time.
To all my peeps out there. Take care and stay cool.
Will be seeing ya around!