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Sunday, May 25, 2008

RM2.4 million down the drain?

Things have gotten lively since early this year due to the political parties in Malaysia all gearing up for pre-election war.
Accusations were thrown, rallies were carried out and protests ensued.
All in the name of creating an election system which is clean, fair and trustworthy (Dr M's favourite phase, oh, the irony).

In response to the rakyat "displaying an act similar to that of barbarians", the Elections Commissions (EC) or also known as Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR), has decided to implement the use of indelible ink, meant to mark people who have voted in order to prevent that person from casting multiple votes and subsequently becoming a phantom voter.
However, just 72 hours short of D-Day, the implementation was hastily called off, with the reason being that there were "rumours" that certain political parties have obtained the ink from Thailand as well and will be using it to their advantage.
Now that the elections are finally over and done with, the dust has yet to settle, with powerful figures still swinging their weight around.

It is truly fortunate to have MPs (Fong Po Kuan - Batu Gajah) who still remember the whole RM2.4 million issue and is still invesgating the whole matter.
Check out the debate at blog.limkitsiang.com or pokuan.blogsome.com

The main idea behind this post is to express some of my personal opinion over the whole RM2.4 million and also the morons behind it.

First off, the Elections Commision.
The EC is supposed to be an independent body. A body which is supposed to work on its own when it comes to making decisions and administration. Apparently, the EC has brought the whole issue of the indelible ink to the Cabinet, asking for assistance and feedback from the as-then corrupt government.
What on earth were they thinking? Why did they enquire only from the government and not from all the political parties? Why did they not obtain the feedback from the rakyat itself? After all, it is OUR RM2.4 million that they're spending.

Next, the anxiety pertaining to people who have plans up their sleeves with the indelible ink. You guys are the EC for crying out loud. You are the ones in charge of presiding over the election process which would decide the next government of Malaysia. In order words, you guys are directly linked to the next step that our country will be taking. Is it so hard to inform the rakyat of the indelible ink and the whole process of voting? Isn't it your goddamn responsibility???

Sometimes, it really makes me wonder just what the hell are inside their brains...

On another note, the world has seen two major tragedies, the floods in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. Let us pray that those who have perished may rest in peace.