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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Working Day in Japan

I've arrived in Kobe city two weeks ago!
And don't worry about my health.
Still doing well and the influenza strain is slowly receding.
Here's a daily schedule of what I do on working days.

Leave room at around 6.50am

Lock the room door using the electronic lock.
Very cool mechanism!!!
We should install this in Malaysian University hostels...

Walk out the corridor...

Use the elevator even though I live only on the second floor.
Don't judge me!

Walking through the hostel lobby...


.. into the cafeteria!

The counter to get our food.
Notice the tray?
It's the featured dish on display.

On the right, rice cooker.
In the middle, soup heater.
Unlimited refill.

And we pay for the meal using our meal card.

Japanese usually have a light breakfast with simple dishes.

Stepping out of the hostel...

My hostel branded one ok?
Don't play play!

Beginning my journey to the train station.

Rays of hope...

Oh ya...
My hostel's located on top of a hill.

Which makes walking a breeze...

Met Totoro-san on the way down.

And walking...

Nearly there...

Just a little bit more...

The East Gate of Tarumi Station

Taking my place in line at platform 2.

As can be seen, most of the Japanese are wearing masks.
But I do wonder if these masks are actually effective in such crowded places.

And to Hyogo we go!

Next up, Wadamisaki line.

Moving with the crowd...

Alighting at Wadamisaki...

My ID Card.
The number reminds me of a place in Nibong Tebal...

Crossing the street...
Only a few more minutes to my office...

One of the gates for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Need to scan ID card only can go in.

The building that I'm working in.
My office is located on the 10th floor.
But no more pictures from here onwards...
Company trade secrets have to be protected...



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