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Friday, May 01, 2009

Flying The Malaysian Way

As what every Malaysian should do, I have proudly supported our country's airline service.
I bought the ticket online and it costs RM2151.00 (to and fro) during the MAS Promotion Fair. A great deal if compared to the original price of RM3300.00
Went to KLIA at around 9.30pm.
Upon checking in, lepak for a while before heading towards Gate G10 for my flight.

First things first, the complimentary News Straits Times and a cup of plain water with coffee for the take off.

Then came supper, a tuna sandwich along with a cheese filled bun.

Surprisingly good!
The cheese was very very fragrant!
Just the way I like it.
Had two servings of this.

Listening to Taylor Swift's Fearless album while reading the papers.

The in-flight entertainment system is very up to date.
The options of watching various movies and TV series are also available.

Had quite a restless night as it isn't that conducive of an environment to sleep in.

Was woken up by the flight attendants at around 5.45am for our breakfast.
Greeted by the morning rays of Japan!

Reminds me of the Mr Bean episode...

Forgot to take picture of the breakfast though...
Had salmon with omlette for the main course.
Served with pastries, orange juice and fruit.

After arriving in Narita airport.

Went on to the Narita Express to head towards Tokyo station.

A swift change of clothes to look more presentable when we arrive at the University later.

Fit right in with the Japanese as most of them are dressed this way too.

First hot Japanese chick spotted at the Shinkansen station!!!

The temperature was quite low and yet she was able to withstand it with only a miniskirt!!!
Such devotion to looking pretty.

Double-deckered Shinkansen!

Met this Obaa-san on the Shinkansen.

Very very cheerful and started talking a lot to us when she found out that we were foreigners.
Really put my Japanese language command to test.
Surprisingly, I was the translator for Kee Hong, Yann Ni and Hairol who couldn't understand what she was talking about.
A very nice and kind auntie!

Checked in into the University's guest house.

More updates on it later



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