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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exams are here again

The days which every student detests the most are here again.
Personally, I would think that the study weeks' days are the hardest to endure by far
Well, I'm back here in Penang as I'm typing this.
I'm sitting in front of my laptop as my roommates are either sleeping or studying.

During study weeks, the rate at which time passes by is very very relative.
For me, my study week "officially" began 2 days ago.
And believe me, it sucks like hell.
For one, it's kinda hard to concentrate for long periods of time. After about 45 minutes of studying, I'll begin to feel restless and will try to do other things for a while.
Sometimes it would be surfing the net, reading magazines or watching animes.
As you see the clock on the desk ticking the seconds away, this sense of guilt unleashes itself upon you. And you'll be asking yourself, should I even be doing this?
And then you blame yourself for having this lack of discipline.
You wouldn't even dare to take a nap lest you wake up to discover that you've spent an hour or more doing nothing.

And to top it off, you can't even sleep peacefully. Questions will be floating around in your head.
Have I studied enough for today?
Did I memorise all the important stuffs?
What type of question will be asked in the exam?
What is the formula for that topic again?
I've dreamt of questions when I sleep before.
Rather frequently at that. Well, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing as some of you out there might say, "Good what, you're revising even when you sleep"
The problem is everything is kinda "deleted" the moment I open my eyes the greet the new day.
The funniest time would be when I dreamt that I was sitting for my STPM when I had clearly entered USM.
The horror of sitting in the exam hall looking at questions that you had little recollection of.
Well, I gotta get back to my books for now.
Will updating more regularly soon.

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