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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Pictures from the first day in Japan!

To much of our surprise, we were placed in the University's Guest House!
I've anticipated that we'll be living in some student's quarters or something like that.
And the best part is that we've been given Japanese styled rooms!

Just reached only...
Notice the covers for the bed?
Has a total of 3 layers of futon!
Initially thought it was a bit too much.
But when I slipped myself into it...
Total bliss!
Very very nice and cosy.

The room comes with a fridge as well!
It's that white coloured box behind me if you're wondering.

The room comes with a HUGE flat screen TV!!!
The brown coloured thingy is the air-con/heater.
They even provided a safe too!

Opened the back door to see this small stream just outside.
Nice view!

First night dinner!
Was brought to this place called Saizeriya by Dr Teoh.
Oh ya, Dr Teoh is an associate lecturer here in Nagaoka University of Technology.
She's from Parit Buntar!

Saizeriya is an Italian restaurant which is about a 5 minutes drive from the university.
Had the tomato soup.
Not bad actually.
Has little pieces of macaroni inside.

Came here as it has a more relaxed environment for chatting.
Apparently in Japan, most customers in a restaurant will leave the restaurant the moment they finish their food.
Considered as a culture here.

Ordered the cheesy chicken for the main course.
Quite nice actually!
But the portion.....

Thanks a lot Dr Teoh for belanja-ing us that night!

Among the many joys of life!
Asahi's Off beer.
Liquor is relatively cheap here in Japan and is readily available in convenience stores like 7 Eleven with a reasonable amount of variety.
This one was quite good!
Less bitter compared to the beers I'm accustomed to.
Gotta love its size though!

The focus of this picture is the tiny red dot on my pinky.
Look at it carefully and you'll see that it's a puncture wound.
However, this is not an ordinary wound.
Since young, there's this "ability" of my body to build up static charge especially when the air is dry.
Earlier in Tokyo, the wind was blowing constantly, which I believe may have converted me into a walking Tesla tower.
Upon contact with the metal parts of the Shinkansen chair, I literally saw sparks fly off my finger!!!
And the end result is illustrated in the picture above...



  • At May 06, 2009 10:44 AM , Blogger Kelvin said...

    Your 1st 2 pictures are too dark, need to adjust your camera setting when you take photo inside a building


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