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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Working Day in Japan

I've arrived in Kobe city two weeks ago!
And don't worry about my health.
Still doing well and the influenza strain is slowly receding.
Here's a daily schedule of what I do on working days.

Leave room at around 6.50am

Lock the room door using the electronic lock.
Very cool mechanism!!!
We should install this in Malaysian University hostels...

Walk out the corridor...

Use the elevator even though I live only on the second floor.
Don't judge me!

Walking through the hostel lobby...


.. into the cafeteria!

The counter to get our food.
Notice the tray?
It's the featured dish on display.

On the right, rice cooker.
In the middle, soup heater.
Unlimited refill.

And we pay for the meal using our meal card.

Japanese usually have a light breakfast with simple dishes.

Stepping out of the hostel...

My hostel branded one ok?
Don't play play!

Beginning my journey to the train station.

Rays of hope...

Oh ya...
My hostel's located on top of a hill.

Which makes walking a breeze...

Met Totoro-san on the way down.

And walking...

Nearly there...

Just a little bit more...

The East Gate of Tarumi Station

Taking my place in line at platform 2.

As can be seen, most of the Japanese are wearing masks.
But I do wonder if these masks are actually effective in such crowded places.

And to Hyogo we go!

Next up, Wadamisaki line.

Moving with the crowd...

Alighting at Wadamisaki...

My ID Card.
The number reminds me of a place in Nibong Tebal...

Crossing the street...
Only a few more minutes to my office...

One of the gates for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Need to scan ID card only can go in.

The building that I'm working in.
My office is located on the 10th floor.
But no more pictures from here onwards...
Company trade secrets have to be protected...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kaiten Sushi!

Went for Kaiten Sushi (revolving sushi) on our second day in Nagaoka.

Genki Sushi!

Me with Dr Teoh!
The building behind us is a karaoke center.
The word karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese.
Price is about the same in Malaysia.
500 yen for 3 hours.

Let the feast begin!!!

Posing comes first!

I look thin in this picture

The detachable touch screen menu!

Coolest ordering method that I've seen by far!
And when your order is approaching, a signal goes off to alert you of the impending dish.

Half raw squid and tuna sushi.
The squid tasted a little weird...

Godzilla devouring Tokyo Tower!

Had a little sake in the room.
This one costed only 89 yen!
Quite wild and leaves a sweet & sour aftertaste.

Pork onigiri!
Very very nice flavour!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Japan Day 2

Had a nice sleep the day before as the weather was just perfect!
A little bit dry though...

Woke up to this:

Sandwich and onigiri bought the day before in 7 Eleven.
Green tea was provided by the guest house at no charge at all.

Went to the shokudo (canteen in Japanese) to have our lunch.
Very very systematic with a great variety of food.

Can see Hairol and Kee Hong in the picture?
They have FLAT SCREEN TVs in the CANTEEN!!!!
Not ONE but TWO!!!!
Top that, USM.

Had the chicken with sauce lunch set.
Surprisingly, the food tastes good even though it's only canteen food, a total contradiction to what I'm accustomed to... Hahahahahahaha...

Left the shokudo to see this.
An assembly of taiko (Japanese drums)

The performance was very very enjoyable as it is flawless!
Such performances or road shows are often carried out by various clubs and societies for promotion purposes especially during the beginning of a new semester.

Among the many intersections of the University.
In my opinion, I felt that the placement of the trees are much more strategic as they actually do serve a purpose such as providing shade and also for scenic purposes.
Much better compared to the ladang kelapa sawit that I see 9 months a year.

A better view of my room's backyard.

The Japanese are so advanced that even their toilets are fitted with electronic gadgets!
What you see here are the controls to wash different "areas" of the body after different "transactions".

The "throne".
The best part about this has to be its heating capability.
The seat turns warm the instant a person sits on it.
Am seriously thinking of having one installed at home...

The bathroom.
First, clean yourself from head to toe.

Then into the bathtub you go!
While in the bathtub, you DO NOT scrub yourself at all.
Just soak only as it is shared with others.
Words alone cannot describe the hotness of the water.
I was even amazed that I somehow managed to get into it!
But after soaking in it for 10 minutes, I have never felt more relaxed...
Not in a mental perspective of course, but from the physical perspective.
The whole body felt warm and the muscles relaxed.....
A can of beer after the soak was just awesome!!!