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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I`m in Japan!

To all my friends and family in Malaysia, I`ve safely reached Japan.
Internet access is rather inconvenient due to the one computer one IP policy.
As such, I will be updating my status through my blog.

This is the Tokyo train station.
The place where we got on the Shinkansen (bullet train) to head to our next destination, Nagaoka.
We got to Tokyo using the Narita Express, a train service at the Narita Airport.

This is Yann Ni, the only girl among the 4 of us who will be doing our internship in Japan.
She`s posted to Fuji Denki.
Sadly, we missed the sakura blooming by just a few days.
All that`s left are just green leaves rather than the white petals.

Kaiten Sushi!!!
The name of the restaurant?
Genki Sushi! I guess most Malaysians will be familiar with this name.
But then again, same name, different place, different quality!
The sushi here is very fresh and the seawood used to roll the sushi in is very crispy!
Unlike the soggy ones back in Malaysia...

From left: Jeff, Yee, Hairol, Saw
Four Malaysians too kiasu to resist the urge to camwhore. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Standard plates are charged 105 yen (inclusive of 5% tax) which is actually very cheap to the Japanese!
100 yen to them is equilavent to RM1 to us.
Most of the sushi available comes with raw meat especially seafood.
See the black monitor there?
It`s actually a detachable touch screen for customers to place orders.

Tulip Festival!!!
It`s the season for tulips to blossom!
We went to Echigo Park, the biggest park in Nagaoka for some hanashimasu-ing (flower watching or something like that)

Vibrant colours!!!

Caught red handed checking out Japanese babes.
Hairol sempat ber-posing lagi siot...

A crimson sea of tulips.

Professional camwhorers...
And yes, I was gorging myself silly on an ice cream...
What better way to enjoy the cool weather than to be cold internally and externally?

A portion of the park.
The small little white dots are actually people.
So I guess you could imagine the density of the people there and also the massivity of the park.

Beauty and the beasts.
The picture was actually taken on a slope, hence the tilted trees...

The Japanese LOVES to picnic as good weather is very hard to come by.

Don have all of my pictures with me right now.
Will upload more later.
Til then, rock on!!!