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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Life In Nagaoka University

Most mornings begin the same way during my stay in Nagaoka University.
Wake up, shiver, wash face, shiver, have breakfast, stop shivering.
Did I mention that it's really cold there?

Onigiris and greeen tea is really a good way to start a morning!

This is the Mutoh Laboratory, a laboratory under the supervision of well, Prof Mutoh.
We would come here in the mornings to attend the postgraduates' presentations regarding their project. As we were there during the Golden Week, I think we've been there for only about 3 or 4 times.

The computers that we used to in order to go online.
Initially, there were some problems accessing the internet using the wireless connection in our rooms. So we had to depend on these for the first few days.

Went for an industrial visit during my second week there.
Saw a fire on the way there.

Went to a factory by the name of Clean Technology.

They're the manufacturer of machines that are used in the manufacturing of LCD TVs.
Didn't take pictures inside though.

Met up with Taro later in the afternoon. Taro was the exchange student that was sent to USM to do his industrial training with Hitachi.

Went to Joshin with Taro to check out some prices of the electronics.

Fujita-san, the caretaker of the guest house that we lived in in Nagaoka University.
He's a really warm and hospitable person.

Went for Udon on the next day with Taro as our guide.

Had the curry Udon.

Wonderful taste!
Could've been made better with more meat though.

Went to uhhh... Can't remember the name of the shopping mall edi...

Anyways, treated myself to a double scoop of Baskin Robbins...



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