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Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome Party!!!

Last Wednesday, a welcome party was held in honor of my presence in Japan.
Hahahaha.. Ok Ok, that's stretching it too much...
Several new members have joined Maintenance Teams 1 and 2...
As such, a joint celebration was organized!
The initial date was actually somewhere in mid May. But due to the influenza outbreak, the party was postponed for nearly a month.
Anyways, pictures!!!

That's Mr Fujita, the Equipment Maintenance Team 2 leader passing out the beers.
And the person with the happiest smile on earth is Mr Kojima, one of my colleagues.

Mr Nitta, emceeing the function. To begin the party, a toast was made.
Oh ya, it's customary for everyone to start with beer first.

The first dish was raw fish sashimi and raw chicken sasami.
Tried both and they taste..... unique.... enough said...
This one tastes like siu mai back home.

The green powder is a mixture of grounded green tea leaves and salt.
Complements the tempura well!

This is Mr Yamamoto. One of the new members of Equipment Maintenance Team 2.
He can speak pretty good Mandarin and English!

Mr Yamajou, a new addition to Equipment Maintenance Team 1.
Can you believe he's 31???
I look older than him... (T_T)
Oh ya, he's still single. Interested candidates can contact me for further info.

Mr Imai from Equipment Maintenance Team 1.
He's 26 this year!!!
I look like an uncle next to him...
How on earth do they preserve their youth ah???

With Mr Ueno, a new member of Team 1.

From left, Mr Hisadome, Mr Kojima and Mr Oh Omouu of Team 2.
Apparently that's how my name is pronounced in Japanese. Hahahahahaha...

The lovely Miss Tanimoto!
The Himawari-sama of Team 1.

Mr Shukutani, one of the leng chais of Team 1.

Mr Murata, 25 this year, with skin as more tanned than mine.

Me, Mr Fujita and Mr Hamada (my supervisor).
Hamada-san is similiar to me in a sense that we don't look our age.
He's only 26...
But all of the members in Teams 1 & 2 have always regarded him as 38...

Mr Haruna, young at heart.

Mr Ida, the kingfisher. Went fishing with him last weekend.
A blog post for another day.

Mr Sakashita, he was the supervisor the previous USM intern in Mitsubishi.
His wife is half American, half Japanese.
Some guys have all the luck...

Mr Nitta and Mr Onishi.
Mr Onishi is the most cheerful guy that I've ever known!
His laughter is guaranteed to brighten anyone's day!

Mr Akaba, the leader of Team 2.
A very accomplished tennis player!

Mr Sasaki, who always complimented me for speaking Japanese.
Thanks for the encouragement Sasaki-san!

Mr Yoshioka who knows Sannomiya like the back of his hand.
Brought me to a magician's bar 2 weeks ago!

A lot more pictures of the night which I have yet to post. Maybe next time!
Sorry for the constant goofy smile that I always sport.
Many have complained before that I'm advertising for some toothpaste or something... Hahahahaha...
And if you notice carefully, the colour of my face grows redder with each subsequent photo taken.
Had 10 glasses of beer with 2 cocktails that night!



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